Knights Party Press Release: July 29. 2019

Over the weekend President Trump suggested in a tweet that perhaps it was time to declare antifa a terrorist organization. Senator Ted Cruz posited that antifa could be investigated under the RICO Act and asked Attorney General William Barr and the Department of Justice to open an investigation into antifa. Concerns about antifa perpetrated violence have escalated since hundreds of antifa marched in Portland on June 29th and attacked reporter Andy Ngo who suffered severe injury including chemical burns.

Pastor Thomas Robb, national director of The Knights Party expressed appreciation that Trump and other national leaders were taking the threat of antifa seriously, however, noted it was unfortunate that Cruz lumped the KKK together with antifa as groups who depend on anonymity to commit illegal acts. Robb said, “I do not know of any legitimate KKK groups or similar white nationalist or conservative organizations who hide their faces and march in the streets to attack liberal or left-wing groups or gatherings. However, antifa has coordinated activities worldwide with the sole purpose of violently stopping those who promote Western, and for the most part, Christian civilization. They are frantically opposed to commonly recognized traditional values and are willing to use any means necessary to shut down anyone who promotes those values.”