Knights Party Press Release: July 31. 2019

After President Trump suggested antifa be labeled a terrorist organization, the ADL was quick to attribute terrorism in the U.S. to right wingers and white extremists, however, Thomas Robb, national director of The Knights Party cautioned that the ADL and the Southern Poverty Law Center, which are considered by most media to be credible and reliable sources of information, are in fact left wing organization that have a definite bias against Western Christian values. Robb further noted that he believes both organizations have an affinity for Communist and Marxist ideals which likewise form the cornerstone of antifa beliefs. They share the ideological principles of groups like the Weatherman Underground who committed murders and bombed police stations in the 1960’s and 70’s. Groups like that are the forerunners of antifa.

Furthermore, some attempt to use bogus statistics to advance the idea that white separatists are on a terror spree. This is often done by suggesting anti-government organizations and militias are linked to white separatist groups. “Not so” says Jason Robb, attorney for The Knights Party. “Anti-government, anti-tax, anti-abortion, anti-immigration, and other so-called anti groups, including sovereign citizens groups and militias all have their pet ideas, and while white separatists also referred to as white nationalists may adhere to some of these ideas, most notably being a small and limited federal government with strict immigration quotas, the overlap is not as widespread as some would argue.

However, if any crimes are committed by those who espouse such ideas, the left wants to immediately assign them to white extremists, which in the minds of most mean white nationalists. The left has notoriously done that with Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols who were convicted for the Oklahoma City bombing. However, these men were not white nationalists. Terry Nichols was married to non-white women. They were anti-government, not to be confused with white nationalism. Antifa likewise, are usually anti-government of an anarchist mindset. Another maneuver used is to list prison inmates who are white and have a racist tattoo of some sort as white nationalists. Any further criminal activity in prison or committed upon release, are again, attributed to white nationalists. White nationalists, ordinary citizens who are opposed to globalism, believe in America First, and love Western Christian civilization are not terrorists and they are not using violence to promote their beliefs. It is they who are under attack and have been for generations. They are under attack in the courts via activist judges and in the legislative halls of America. It is the Trump Presidency that has given hope to millions and antifa are intent on terrorizing his supporters and supporters of Western Christian civilization.