Knights Party Press Release: Aug. 1. 2019

On August 1, while speaking to a massive crowd of enthusiastic supporters in Cincinnati President Donald Trump once again excited the crowds as he continued to hammer down on the corruption of Baltimore and other major cities such as San Francisco, Los Angeles and Chicago. Speaking of Los Angeles, Trump stated. “look at Los Angeles with the tents and the horrible, horrible disgusting conditions.” Of course, there are many other cities that are also a total mess: Memphis, Detroit, Atlanta, St Louis, Newark, Kansas City, Birmingham to name a few. Knights Party National Director, Thomas Robb, himself a native of Detroit, stated, “All these cities were at one time progressive, beautiful and safe. My own city of Detroit was once the working mans capital of the nation but now it has been destroyed. Donald Trump is right!”

The liberal media is going crazy because they know when he points out the utter failure of cities like Baltimore, it only ramps up his support. He has nothing to lose by exposing how over the past 50 years these great American cities have degenerated into 3rd world status. Trump receives little support from these urban area. His real support has always been white Americans outside of metropolis. However most Americans are afraid to highlight the obvious.

Millions of White Americans do not want their communities to look like South America, Africa or Asia. Yet they know – though often too timid to say it – that America’s greatness came from their European ancestors and if America is ever going to be truly great again, only the sons and daughters of Europe can make it happen.

The liberal anti-white establishment knows full well that every major American city is corrupt, dirty, dangerous and diversified. Racial diversity has destroyed our major cities and left unchecked, it will destroy America. Trump may not be outright saying it – but that is what his supporters are hearing.