Knights Party Press Release: Aug. 5. 2019

Monday, August 5th. President Donald Trump called for “Red Flag” laws to be enacted which would serve to give greater authority to mental health professionals, family members, police, and possibly neighbors or even concerned citizens to seek the confiscation of weapons from individuals and possible involuntary confinement. This comes after a man in El Paso opened fire in a Wal-Mart after expressing anti-Mexican views and an alleged supporter of Antifa and Satanism opened fire in Ohio.

National Director of The Knights Party, Pastor Thomas Robb, said on Monday that too many Americans had become infected by fear and that while a certain amount of fear can be healthy as a means of helping rationally minded people avoid dangerous situations, it needed to be tempered by a respect for law and order and faith in God. Robb noted, “We are living at a critical moment in history. As a people, our white race has dwindled to become a global minority. There is an increasing disdain and hatred for Western Christian civilization. Social media monopolies censor free-speech and now are being called upon to target individuals whom they deem to be ‘hateful’ thus giving them even more power to interfere in the public exchange of ideas. And once again, the 2nd Amendment is being targeted. The fear-mongering must stop.”

Robb says it is important to sound an alarm about the problems facing Western civilization, but violence is not the answer. Self-defense is always an appropriate response, but an offensive one, never! Violence will not unify our people and terror tactics against anti-whites or perceived threats will not deter any leftist agenda. It will only embolden them. We must shun individuals who would want to radicalize anyone into a violent act and look upon them as devilish tools who undermine a peaceful call and warning for our people to have compassion upon one another and to repent for turning their back upon racial integrity and Christian principles.

Likewise, we would remind President Trump and other law makers “For from within, out of the heart of men, proceed evil thoughts, adulteries, fornications, murders,” (Mark 7:21). Eradicating free speech, further restricting the right to self-defense, or judging others regarding would-be acts, will not save lives. Because more speech is needed, the global social giants must cease their policing of communication. Because law abiding citizens must be able to defend themselves, every adult man and woman should be encouraged and capable to defend their person and their family with a weapon of their choice and be ready when confronted by violent attackers. And finally, the assault upon Christian virtue must end. However, it will not end at the point of a gun. It will end because our people have turned their hearts fully toward God and prayed for His mercy.