Knights Party Press Release: Aug. 7. 2019

The Knights Party, based out of Harrison, Arkansas, which is the oldest and largest white rights organization in the U.S., is concerned about the invitation of internet and technology companies to the White House for a roundtable discussion this Friday on violent online extremism. Pastor Thomas Robb, National Director of the Knights, said that this invite is a concern because of the chilling affect on the first amendment protections of legitimate discussions by white nationalists, pro-American, and pro 2nd amendment activists on the internet and social media. Robb said, “the left wing extremists continue to make the false accusations that any one that is a white nationalist, or someone who may appear to be a white nationalist, are violent and hateful people.” Robb continued and said, “the internet and tech companies have over the past several years, continually removed sites, posts, and forums of not only white nationalists, but those that believe in our 2nd amendment protected right, pro-America, and revealing the genocide of our race and culture. We even see this hatred against President Donald Trump by the tech giants, and now President Trump is going to let the fox in the hen house by encouraging tech companies to cooperate with the government in finding “extremists” online. What will the extremists be? Those that make pro-Christian statements, pro-American statements, or questioning illegal aliens coming into our country? It will all be under the discretion of a few individuals.” Robb further stated that, “a white Christian man or woman that simply wants to preserve their race, culture and heritage should not be demonized by the media and our government because of our position, but should have the God given right to love their people without being bullied.”