Knights Party Press Release: Aug. 9. 2019

Former Vice President Joe Biden and a leading contender for the Democratic presidential nomination while speaking to a gathering of Asian and “Latino” leaders in Iowa on Thursday (August 8) said as president he would increase the number of legal immigrants into the United State. Biden stated: “We could take in a heartbeat another two million people.”

Biden stated that as president he would immediately give amnesty to the estimated 22 + million illegal aliens living here and provide them a pathway to citizenship.

In reply to Biden’s comments, Knights Party National Director Thomas Robb said “While it may be the policy of Joe Biden and the Democrat Party to flood the United States with millions of immigrants it certainly is not the what the American people want.” Robb referenced a recent Harvard/Harris Poll of swing voters as well as those from most every other demographic that says they are not likely to support a 2020 presidential candidate who wants more immigrants, whether they be legal or illegal.

According to Robb unskilled immigrants depress the wages of American workers. Robb further noted that this attack upon American wage earners is only one of the harmful effects of immigration – noting that both legal and illegal immigration changes our communities, our values, our culture and ultimately will change America. “I and millions of Americans, don’t want America to look like a Third World Hell Hole. Yet that is what it will become if we do not get our insane immigration policy under control.” Robb stated. “We can’t build a first world nation out of 3rd world people.”