Knights Party Press Release: Aug. 15. 2019

Wednesday, August 14, New York socialist senator Kirsten Gillibrand said that mandatory buy back of “assault rifes” is a “strong idea.” Which means, of course it is something which she supports.

Attorney Jason Robb, chief legal counsel for the Knights Party, said, “a mandatory buy back program is not only wrong it is blatantly unconstitutional.” The catch word, according to Robb is “mandatory.” “it would rob us of our constitutional protected second amendment rights to gun ownership.” Robb further pointed out it would instantly make millions of responsible law abiding citizens into criminals. Gillibrand, according to Robb, is telling us “any citizens not willing to participate in the buy back program will be subject to prosecution and imprisonment.”

The Knights Party, based in Harrison, Arkansas, is a strong supporter of the 2nd amendment.

Robb explained that, “Any politician who suggests stripping the 2nd amendment from our Constitution would soon take away our right to free speech as well.”