Knights Party Press Release: Jan. 31. 2020

On Tuesday, January 28th, news broke that two former contestants from “Ru Paul’s Drag Race” would appear in a Super Bowl commercial this Sunday.

This marks the first time that drag queens are to be featured in an ad for the big game. The same apparently will not be true for abortion survivors.

A pro-life group, Faces of Choice, is calling out Fox Entertainment Network for refusing to approve their ad for this year’s Super Bowl.

Faces of Choice, which ran an ad at the 2020 March for Life featuring the faces of 14 abortion survivors say they submitted the application for their ad in July, but were repeatedly stonewalled. This they say, even after being one of the first to submit anything to them, and after meeting every single stipulation required by Fox.

Thom Robb, National Director of the Knights Party based in Harrison Arkansas said, “This is just one more example of the degeneracy that has come upon America. Main stream media influenced by Jewish supremacists and Cultural Marxists are pushing the LGBTQ agenda down the throats of every American any way it can.”

Robb closed by saying, “Christian Americans need to find something else to do on Sunday and not subject their children to the sexual degeneracy being promoted at the Super Bowl.