Knights Party Press Release: Mar. 2. 2020

A recent article headlined, “The inability to speak English shouldn’t qualify asDisabilityfor Social Security,” by The Daily Signal, stated the following,

The Social Security Insurance system was established as a social safety net program for workers who lose the physical or mental ability to work at a sustainable gainful activity level, but it has become so much more.

A former administrative law judge described it, if a claimant were 45 years or older, limited to sedentary work, and claimed an inability to communicate in English, they were a “slam-dunk for benefits.”

That is true even if those applying for benefits reside in an area such as Puerto Rico, where English is not the predominant language.

A new rule set to take effect April 27. 2020, will end that by eliminating the inability to communicate in English as a qualifying factor in Disability Insurance benefit determinations.

The misuse and abuse of the Disability Insurance program by people who can perform work has contributed to excessive costs, impending insolvency, extreme wait times, and the programs general failure to adequately meet the needs of individuals who truly cannot work.

Thomas Robb, National Director of the Knights Party, based in Harrison Arkansas said, “This rule will help America’s economy in several ways, first, it will force these lazy Non-English speaking immigrants into actually being productive in our economy instead of being a burden to our taxpayers, and secondly, it will be a boost to our workforce having these people available for work that doesn’t require English to be productive, such as agriculture.”

Robb added, “This makes sense, what other country in the world could a White English speaking American migrate to that it’s government and native people pay you to be there, just because you don’t speak their native language?”