Knights Party Press Release: Mar. 18. 2020

Yesterday, Tuesday March 17th, The Blaze ran this headline, “ACLU Threatens To Sue If Idaho Passes Law Banning Biological Males From Competing Against Biological Females In Sports.”

LGBT groups are decrying the state government in Idaho as a bill banning biological males from competing against biological females in sports comes closer to becoming a legal reality.

The bill, passed by the Senate, will go to the House for approval. Critics say the bill is unconstitutional and allows for discrimination against transgender persons, while supporters say it will protect females from unfair competition by biological males.

The ACLU promises legal action if the governor signs the bill. The ACLU tweeted, “The Idaho Senate just passed a bill targeting trans student athletes by making them subject to invasive screenings.

Thomas Robb, National Director of the Knights Party based in Harrison Arkansas, spoke out from his office saying, “All these Sodomites in America that cry about their treatment need to realize one thing, God created male and female. He didn’t create anything in between, and He certainly didn’t create what He made us at birth by mistake. A male has an X chromosome and a Y chromosome. A female has two X chromosomes. A male can’t change that by putting a dress on, and vice versa. A coroner can look at skeletal remains and tell if it’s male or female. You may change your looks on the outside, but in reality, you’re still what God created you at birth.

Robb added, “If these Sodomites in America think they’re being discriminated against by man, just wait until they have to answer to God. God won’t dicriminate, but He will pass judgement.”