Knights Party Press Release: Apr. 3. 2020

Fox News on Wednesday, April 1st, reported, “Pennsylvania man who lost his job amid coronavirus pandemic shoots girlfriend before killing self.”

Roderick Bliss, 38, of Wilson Borough Pa. shot at his longtime girlfriend four times Monday, striking her once in the back, police said. He then shot and killed himself. His death was ruled a suicide, Northampton County Coroner Zachary Lyseek told Lehigh Valley Live.

Roderick’s unnamed girlfriend survived and told authorities that in the days prior to the shooting, Bliss had become increasingly upset over the COVID-19 pandemic.

Police said, “Bliss went into the basement and came outside onto the rear porch with the victim. While holding the handgun, Bliss told the victim, “I already talked to God and I have to do this.” The victim ran off the porch and he shot at her four times, striking her once. Bliss then shot himself.”

National Director of the Knights Party, based in Harrison Arkansas, Thomas Robb said, “I remember last week when President Trump said that if the economy wasn’t back up and running by Easter, that suicides would be on the rise. As usual, the leftists rolled their eyes, the media mocked and made fun of him, and here’s just one example of what President Trump was talking about. While the leftists and the media are trying to invoke panic and fear of this Chinese Virus into our citizens, our citizens are more worried about our economy, their jobs, where their next meal is coming from, how to pay their morgages or rent, etc. The leftists and media live in a different reality than your average American citizen.”