Knights Party Press Release: Apr. 5 2020

On Friday April 3rd, an online news outlet in Pennsylvania, reported, “A York County Woman Faces $200 Ticket From State Police Under Gov. Wolfs Stay At Home Order.”

Last Sunday, a York county 19 year-old woman was stopped by two Pennsylvania state police cars while circling her way back home. They cited her for violating Gov. Tom Wolf’s stay at home order.

The driver, Anita Shaffer is now faced with what appears to be a ticket of at least $202.25. She pleaded not guilty and intends to take up the matter before a magisterial judge.

Troopers say the stop was conducted over a taillight out, and a window tint violation, which neither of was Shaffer ticketed for.

Shaffer said when she returned home, she and her father, Neil Shaffer discovered that the taillight was working fine. Shaffer also said she was alone in the car and had no intentions of getting out, that she was only out for a ride to get some fresh air.

Thomas Robb, the National Director of the Knights Party based in Harrison Arkansas said, “These types of incidents are happening all across America because of this Chinese Virus. This action is in direct violation of our Constitutionally protected right as a white American citizen. While myself and everyone associated with the Knights Party feel a dire need for law and order, and we support our men and women in blue, there are incidents of abuse of power. If this story is correct, I don’t see the need for not only one, but two state troopers to pull over a vehicle for a broken taillight and a window tint violation. COVID-19 has rapidly turned into a tool to attack and strip Americans of their God given rights.”