Knights Party Press Release: Apr. 29. 2020

On Monday, April 27th, The Washington Examiner reported, “Mexico deports people in immigration holding facilities amid concerns of coronavirus spread.”

Mexico has virtually emptied facilities holding illegal immigrants and deported the people out of concern they could spread the coronavirus to one another while in custody.

Since March 21, the government removed migrants from its 65 migrant facilities, which held 3,759 people last month, according to Reuters.

“Today, Mexico’s policy is to contain and deport,” Victor Clark Alfaro, an immigration expert at San Diego State University, told the outlet.

Many of the migrants in Mexico come from “southern triangle countries,” which include El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala. Mexican officials said they returned 3,653 migrants to those countries since the outbreak began.

Only 106 people remain in the centers, the government said.

Thomas Robb, the National Director of the Knights Party based in Harrison Arkansas said, “This Chinese Virus has caused some good for America. Our borders are closed, Mexico is deporting these 3rd world immigrants out of their country, which means that they’re further away from our border once again, and now hopefully this experience will deter them from another trek to the United States. I hope this was a horrible enough experience that they now stay where they belong, in their own country!”