Knights Party Press Release: May 4. 2020

On Saturday May 2nd, Fox News ran the following headline, “Sex Offender, Sprung From California Jail Due To Coronavirus, Arrested For Indecent Exposure.”

A California sex offender released from jail early due to the coronavirus crisis had been charged with exposing himself at a parole resource center, according to a report.

Rudy William Grajeda Magdaleno, 39, was released from jail under a court order on April 13 after serving 71 days of a 180-day minimum sentence, Fox 11 Los Angeles reported Friday.

Magdaleno and six other sex offenders were released apparently as part of the state Supreme Court’s efforts to keep jail populations lower than usual during the pandemic, the station reported.

On Tuesday, Orange County District Attorney Todd Spitzer accused Superior Court Commissioner Joe Dane of jeopardizing public safety with the releases.

Four of the seven have been arrested since their release, according to the station. It’s unclear if that included Magdaleno.

Prosecutors said Magdaleno, of Anaheim, has a history of child molestation, indecent exposure, assault, battery and criminal threats. He’s also been accused of inflicting injury on an elder adult and violating parole five times since 2017.

National Director of the Knights Party, based in Harrison Arkansas said, “I don’t know why any sentenced inmates would be set free over this Chinese Virus. Maybe folks awaiting trial for non-violent crimes, but not an already sentenced inmate. And it was supposed to only be non-violent inmates, but they ended up releasing the worst of the worst back into society to prey upon our White society. Almost as if that was the intended plan.”