Knights Party Press Release: July 31. 2020

On Thursday, July 29th, the news outlet Upworthy ran an article with a headline that read in part, “Man held up a Black Lives Matter sign inAmerica’s Most Racist Town‘.”

Part of the article goes on to say,

A few city leaders in Harrison, Arkansas insist that the town’s reputation has been tarnished by a small group of people. However, there have been signs—literal signs—that white Christian views are not that uncommon. One billboard in town in 2013 read “Anti-racist is a Code Word for Anti-White,” and another currently advertises “WhitePrideRadio.Com” and “AltRightTV.Com” with an image of a white family holding an American flag next to a cross and a message that says “For the Family.”

Thomas Robb, the National Director of The Knights Party, who has been a prominent figure in Harrison for over forty years said, “This indicates how Christian morals, and Christians in general are being persecuted in America. How is an ad that depicts an American flag, next to a cross, with the words, ‘For the Family’ taken as racist? It’s actually racism against Whites to even suggest such a thing!”