Knights Party Press Release: Dec. 11. 2020

On Wednesday, December 9th, One America News ran the following headline, “Poll: Americans Unsure Whether To Take COVID Vaccine.”

As the Pfizer vaccine hurls towards FDA approval, Americans remain divided over whether or not to take it.

On Wednesday, an Associated Press NORC poll revealed that about a quarter of Americans said they are unsure if they will get vaccinated, while another quarter said they will not.

The survey, which included about 1,100 Americans, was conducted between December 3 and December 7.

National Director, Thomas Robb, of the Knights Party, based in Harrison Arkansas said, “It shouldn’t be a hard decision. So far within the first day of being released in the UK, people have had severe enough allergic reactions to require the use of an EpiPen, as well as people contracting Bell’s Palsy, which is temporary nerve damage in facial nerves. Within one day, these are the results so far. What’s going to be the permanent damage? No vaccine for me!”