Knights Party Press Release: Dec. 7. 2020

Saturday, December 5th, NewsMax reported, “Delta Airlines to Participate in CDC Contact Trace Program for International Flyers.”

Delta Air Lines will become the first carrier to help the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention trace international travelers who fly while infected with COVID-19.

A Delta spokesman said, “”Along with our nine global airline partners, we are working with government agencies, health officials and aviation authorities to offer safer travel at every point in your journey,”

The National Director of the Knights Party, based in Harrison Arkansas, Thomas Robb said, “Today international flyers, tomorrow domestic flyers. Today in America, American’s are tracked wherever they go. From Amazon Alexa listening to private conversations in our homes, to our smart TVs watching what we do in our homes. Even our phones are tracking where we go. Our homes are no longer our castles, and our every move is being watched by ‘you know who.’ When is enough…enough?