Knights Party Press Release: Jan. 13. 2021

According to Facebook, the acceleration of White Genocide has arrived! On Tuesday, January 12th, The Blaze ran this headline, “Facebook permanently bans retailer PatrioticMe from advertising pro-America products.”

The company told business owner LeeAnn Miller that her products violate its community standards. Facebook would not say which ones.

LeeAnn Miller would like an explanation from Facebook after the ad account for her business was disabled by the tech giant seemingly for no other reason than being patriotic.

Miller, 50, is a wife, mother, and a business owner. In 2019, when her youngest son, Hollis, started college, she decided that after spending many wonderful years as a stay-at-home mom raising children, she would like to get back to work and help contribute to the financial stability of her family. That year, Miller had an idea. Holding the conviction that there is no better place on Earth than the United States, and desiring to give back to her country, she founded PatrioticMe, an online retailer that sells various clothing items.

Thomas Robb, the National Director of the Knights Party, based in Harrison Arkansas said, “This is a direct attack on White America, it’s culture, it’s history, and it’s proud White citizens. This is what happens in a multicultural country, and why it’s destoyed every country that has tried it. America was founded by, and intended to remain a White, Christian country. We as proud Christian White people are being pushed out of our own country. If we don’t soon say enough, we as Whites will lose our God given land.”