Knights Party Press Release: June 9. 2021

Soooo…let’s pay third world countries to keep their people out of our country? On Tuesday, June 8th, The Daily Caller ran this headline, “‘Like Giving Whiskey And Car Keys To A Teenager’: Sen. Kennedy Mocks Giving Guatemala Taxpayer Money.”

Republican Louisiana Sen. John Kennedy said Tuesday that giving the “corrupted administration” in Guatemala more taxpayer money is “like giving whiskey and car keys to a teenager.”

“I think that the reason the vice president went to Guatemala and met with President [Alejandro] Giammattei is to offer him billions and billions of American taxpayer dollars to try to make his country better, and with no disrespect but that’s like giving whiskey and car keys to a teenager,” Kennedy told “Fox & Friends.”

From his National Office based in Harrison, Arkansas, the National Director of the Knights Party, Thomas Robb said, “This is ridiculous! Has America become that weak that we’re willing to pay a third world country  American tax dollars to keep them out of our country? Any red blooded White, American citizen should have a big problem with this. Donald Trump had a plan in place that worked, and President Biden removed it. This is typical leftist thinking, remove something that works, and replace it with something that costs American tax dollars. America is in dire straights itself, but we’ll give our tax dollars to a third world country? This is not sound economic policy.”