Knights Party Press Release: Aug. 9. 2021

Soon, children won’t need to have any schooling, and be considered educated! Here is an example from The Daily Wire, posted Saturday, August 7th, “Nevada School District Implements New Grading Policy: Attendance, Participation, Late Assignments Don’t Matter.”

The new policy puts the lowest grade a student could possibly achieve at 50%, meaning students will never get less than half credit on an assignment. Should a student in grades 1-5 score below 50%, they will receive a “W” to indicate they are “working on standards below grade level.” Students grade 6-12 can also receive a “P” for “Passing (to be used for specific courses designated by the Academic Unit.)”

The new policy also states that “Grades shall not be influenced by behavior or other nonacademic measures (e.g., late or missing assignments, attendance, participation, responsibility).”

After a backlash to the new grading policy, Clark County School District Superintendent Jesus Jara defended the policy, according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal. Jara said the policy promoted equity, the latest buzzword of progressives to use instead of equality, since equity refers to outcomes instead of opportunities. According to Pastor Thomas Robb, national director of The Knights Party, this undermines those students who are working to achieve and excel. Students who achieve are held at bay to artificially promote underperforming students.
This is not fair to those students who work hard to move ahead in their scholastic career. Those students should not be held accountable because of other students’ poor grades.