Knights Party Press Release: Aug. 11. 2021

According to Chicago Mayor, Lori Lightfoot, firearms have a mind of their own. The Blaze, on Monday, August 9th, reported, “Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot blames guns — not shooter — for tragic death of female police officer“.

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot used the heartbreaking death of a Chicago police officer to advance her narrative that guns are one of the Windy City’s biggest problems.

Police officer Ella French, 29, was tragically gunned down Saturday night, the first female police officer to be murdered in Chicago in more than 30 years, and Thomas Robb, National Director of The Knights Party, said, “I sadly predict this to be a more common headline. While some blacks realize the need for law and order, and are against defunding their local law enforcement, thanks to the continued push against law and order from the far-left, there are black ‘thugs’ out there that have put targets on the backs of law enforcement officers nationwide.”