Knights Party Press Release: The Knights Party Warns Against the Taliban: Sept. 17. 2021

                 While many leftist media have reported that the right and nationalist groups in the U.S. have applauded the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan, Pastor Robb, director of The Knights Party says that this claim is a tactical ploy to undermine the increasing support nationalist politics have received in recent years. According to Robb, those few who have supported the Taliban’s new resurgence of power are mere fringe elements and do not represent the vast and broad constituency of the white nationalist community

                 Robb pointed out that The Knights Party never supported the concept of nation building or the interference in Afghanistan politics. Nevertheless, as the U.S. did intervene it was detrimental to the U.S. to pull U.S. troops from the area in such a haphazard way as to give the Taliban an easy avenue to retake the country. Pastor Robb noted, “The Taliban has a history of abuse of women, denying them education, contributing toward the oppression of families, and asserting a dogma that is the antitheses of Christianity.”

                The only reason the Taliban is now in power is because with the cat removed, the mice can now poison their society. Furthermore, with the importation of thousands of Afghans into the U.S. it is most likely that anti-American terrorists have also come to the U.S. to disseminate their anti-Christian and anti-American sentiments with the sole purpose of disrupting and destroying our culture. There is nothing about the Taliban that needs applauded. They are anti-American and anti-Christian. Their move to power is not the characteristic of a morally strong third-world nation group who fought off a first world nation, but rather a morally decrepit regime that is taking advantage of the removal of U.S. troops.

                 Robb further asserted that we should never have been there in the first place. “We cannot fix the problems of every nation in the world. The local population must rise and fix their own issues. Otherwise, it is just an artificial fix that can only be sustained by continued involvement of U.S. military. Our first responsibility is to the protection of our nation. Now, however, due to the publicity stunt of the Biden administration, the U.S. is in greater danger and Afghanistan has been set back to a draconian system that has no respect for its citizens. The Taliban is not aligned with our values, and it is in the best interest of America to stop the importation of any more refugees. They need to fight for their own nation. We cannot do it for them, and we do not want any of their insurgents coming to the U.S. to broaden their anti-American and anti-Christian war here.”