Knights Party Press Release: Sept. 15. 2021

Another walkout was reported by The Christian Broadcasting Network recently with this headline, “New York Hospital to Stop Delivering Babies After Maternity Staff Quit Over COVID Vaccine Mandate“.

A hospital in upstate New York announced that it will temporarily stop delivering babies for at least two weeks due to a shortage of medical staff over COVID-19 vaccination mandates.

Six employees at Lewis County General Hospital in Lowville chose to quit their jobs rather than get vaccinated and seven more staff members are still deciding whether or not to resign. “I don’t think the Biden administration expected this kind of resistance.”, commented Thomas Robb, the National Director of the Knights Party, based in Harrison, Arkansas. Robb continued, “Joe Biden and his administration clearly have shown just how far they’re willing to try to push their overreach of governmental powers, but they’re finding out that America still has a majority of patriotic, proud citizens that enjoy their freedoms, and are more than ready to stand up and fight for them.”