Knights Party Press Release: Sept. 24. 2021

America…the Goodwill Store of the world! According to this headline, “Tyrant Joe Biden Says He Will “Fight Vaccine Disinformation” to Increase Vaccinations After Project Veritas Expose’,” from The Gateway Pundit, on Wednesday, September 22nd, Joe Biden is opening up America’s wallet yet again to 3rd world countries.

Joe Biden on Wednesday hosted a virtual COVID-19 Summit where he announced the US would be buying 500 million doses of Pfizer to donate to other countries.

“The United States is buying another half billion doses of Pfizer to donate to low and middle income countries around the world…It brings our total commitment of donated vaccines to over 1.1 billion vaccines,” said Biden.

Tyrant Joe Biden also said he will “fight vaccine disinformation” to increase vaccinations after a federal whistleblower who works in the HHS came forward to Project Veritas this week.

“And we’ll fight vaccine disinformation and exercise transparency to build vital public trust in these life-saving tools,” Biden said struggling to read his teleprompter. “Who knows what’s true, and what’s disinformation with the Covid vaccine? Nobody is sure of anything because this drug is brand new.” said Thomas Robb, the National Director of the Knights Party of the Ku Klux Klan, based in Harrison, Arkansas.

Robb added, “Some people have gotten the vaccine and had little to no side effects, but there are those that have gotten it and died from it, so what is, and what isn’t disinformation? As always, this is just the way of the leftist’s pushing their ‘one-sided’ narrative. Not only that, I don’t know what the cost of a single dose is, but Joe Biden says he’s buying 500 million doses to give away to other poor and low income countries? Joe Biden isn’t buying anything! American taxpayers are buying 500 million doses to give away. That money needs to go to the poor and needy in our country that are suffering because Joe Biden and his administration, in less than a year, have destoyed America’s economy. It’s way past time to put America and it’s citizens first.”