Knights Party Press Release: Feb. 11. 2022

A perfect example of the hypocrisy of CRT was explained in this article from Breitbart News, published on Wednesday, February 9th, “Ron DeSantis Explains Why Florida Opposes CRTWe Don’t Want Them Separated into Racial Groups’”.

Speaking in Miami, where he held a roundtable discussion on President Biden’s border crisis, DeSantis briefly spoke about Florida’s strong stance against CRT being taught in schools.

“One of the reasons we’re opposing CRT in schools: We want all the kids treated as individuals. We want them judged on the content of their character, on their talents,” he explained.

“We don’t want them separated into racial groups and pitted against each other. Every single kid is a Floridian and an American. and that’s what we want to make sure,” the governor continued.

Thomas Robb, the National Director of the Knights Party, spoke from his centrally located National Office in Harrison, Arkansas saying, “The ideology of CRT is just as hypocritical as the ideology of the term BLM. Critical Race Theory teaches every child, of every race in America to view everything in terms of one’s race. This is actually teaching racism. When a child grows into adulthood after being indoctrinated from 12 or so years of schooling, and they view everything by one’s race, then they’re labeled as racist! As with BLM, when there’s more black on black crime in America, how in the world can they claim that black lives matter? Statistics would show otherwise. Statistics show that black lives don’t even matter to blacks themselves! No wonder America’s White children are growing into confused adults. I refer to today’s generation as the ‘disconnected’ generation. The hypocrisy they see, and the indoctrination they receive in public schools, it disconnects them from the true reality.”