Knights Party Press Release: Feb. 14. 2022

Just say NO!! And apparently that’s just what happened according to this headline,, “Senate Repulicans Say No to Biden Funding for ‘Safe’ Crack Pipes”, from The Daily Signal, dated Friday, February 11th.

The Biden administration quickly reversed course on a plan to fund “smoking kits” for drug users, apparently including pipes to smoke crack cocaine, but Senate Republicans introduced legislation to ensure it doesn’t happen.

The bill would amend a section of last year’s American Rescue Plan Act to prohibit any taxpayer funds from being used to directly or indirectly purchase, supply, or distribute crack pipes or similar drug paraphernalia.

Senate Republicans dubbed the legislation the Cutting Off Rampant Access to Crack Kits Act, or CRACK Act.

The National Director of the Knights Party of the Ku Klux Klan, based in Harrison, Arkansas, Thomas Robb said this, “Here’s a good example of how to resist without using violence. Many people think as soon as you say ‘resist’, or don’t ‘tolerate’ degeneracy in America, you mean by force or violence, and that’s not true. How was this idea of fueling drug use by giving away crack pipes stopped? I saw many people speaking out against it on social media. Just about every social media site was flooded by people speaking out against this, and saying just how crazy the Biden administration is becoming. So, it was by speaking out, not violence. Believe me, the enemies of the White race troll social media watching our every move to see what we as White, Christian American’s will tolerate. When our enemies see us resisting, they usually back off because they don’t show it, but they know they’re outnumbered. So at least when I say, ‘Stop tolerating degeneracy in America’, or resist degeneracy in America’, I mean speak up! Use your voice! Be heard! By all means, ‘resist’ and stop ‘tolerating’ this degeneracy that’s destroying our great White, Christian country! Your voice is a powerful thing.”