Knights Party Press Release: Feb. 16. 2022

It’s no secret that Facebook has enemies of the White race within it’s ranks, that hide undercover watching our every move. This could be the case with this article, published yesterday, February 15. 2022, by The Washington Examiner, headlined, “Facebook whistleblower responds to criticism she’s a Trojan horse for censorship“.

Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen said that she is an opponent of censorship via tech companies, rebutting conservative criticism that she is a left-wing operative opposed to free speech.

Haugen said that, contrary to how she has been portrayed, she’s opposed to censorship on social media platforms on the grounds that it angers people and does not work. Instead, she said that she is critical of Facebook’s use of algorithms to massively boost the distribution of content, which she said has had unintended consequences and has resulted in the company itself distorting public debate.

“I just don’t think that censorship works at scale. And it doesn’t work, period,” said Haugen, who was behind a recent series of bombshell revelations about Facebook, such as that it knew of its harmful effects on younger users and its use by drug cartels and drug traffickers.

The National Director of the Knights Party, based in Harrison, Arkansas, Thomas Robb spoke out saying, “It’s true of Facebook that if you’re White, Christian, and proud of your culture, hertiage, and history, of, and in America, you can bet that if you voice that on Facebook, you’ll end up in ‘Facebook jail’. This particular woman, who knows if she’s telling the truth or not, because I’ve been involved in White Nationalism a very long time, and I can tell you this, not everyone claiming to be on the side of any freedoms, is actually on our side. Unfortunately, there are those enemies of our race imbedded everywhere, that try to interfere and trip us up at every turn. But, when you’ve been doing what I have, this many years, they’re easy to pick out. My advice to any new person entering into our cause? Be very careful who you open yourself up to, and be very careful what you say. I’ve seen more than one good, well meaning White Nationalist jailed, or imprisioned for well meaning comments. Our enemies are very well trained at taking our words out of context and twisting them. Facebook is just one of many social media sites good at just that”.