Knights Party Press Release: Feb. 18. 2022

Work ‘like the Devil’, or ‘work of the Devil’? There’s a difference. This article was post by Breitbart News, on Wednesday, February 16th, “Joe Biden Promises to ‘Work Like the Devil’ to Bring Down Gas Prices After Strategic Oil Reserve Release Fails“.

President Joe Biden promised Monday to continue working to bring down the price of gasoline, less than three months after his historic release of oil from the strategic oil reserves.

“I’m going to work like the devil to get gas prices down,” Biden told attendees at the National Association of Counties 2022 Legislative Conference in Washington, DC.

The price of gasoline has spiked again after the president announced on November 23 he would release 50 million barrels of oil to help keep prices down, more than any release by an administration in modern history.

Speaking from his centrally located office in Harrison Arkansas, National Director of the Knights Party of the Ku Klux Klan, Thomas Robb spoke out saying, “The headline is misleading, it should read, ‘Joe Biden works for the Devil’! Gas isn’t the only thing we’ve seen a drastic rise in price in. It’s everything, and in my opinion, planned by the Biden administration. I don’t think Joe Biden even realizes what he’s doing. He’s too incompetent. Rather, it’s the leftist that pull his strings. Joe’s just a puppet for them, and this is just part of the leftist’s agenda of turning America into a communist country. We’ve already seen the first step of instilling fear into our people. That’s still going on. Next, it’s to make America’s citizens dependent on the government, which has begun already. First was all the stimulus money that most thought was free, then being paid more to sit at home rather than work, and now, the flood of illegals taking the jobs that White American’s didn’t want because it was easier to sit at home making more on unemployment. I’ve been called a conspiracy theorist more than once, but you know what? I’m out of conspiracy theories because most of them have come true. White America had better wake up and pay attention. We’re allowing this government to turn America into something nobody wants”.