Knights Party Press Release: Mar. 16. 2022

Homosexuals should heed this article, published, Monday, March 14th, by Breitbart News, headlined, “Ex-Transgender People Celebrate Their Detransition“.

Women and men used social media to share their stories over the weekend about how they quit the transgender ideology being pushed by teachers, progressives, corporations, and President Joe Biden’s far-left government deputies.

The young people who quit the ideology recognize that they cannot “transition” to the opposite sex, and so they “detransition” from the ideology.

Once they escape the pull of transgenderism, they can grapple and overcome their often-immature feelings of inadequacy, confusion, sexual fear, and other psychological problems, and then return to a normal life.”

National Director of the Knights Party of the Ku Klux Klan, with his office centrally based in Harrison, Arkansas, Thomas Robb was quoted as saying, “This is nothing to ‘celebrate’ about. These little celebrations, should never be needed. These few spoken of in this article are alive to celebrate, yet many don’t survive. Statistics show that many children who go through these sexual mutilations end up committing suicide. Children go through a rebellious stage in youth where they’ll try anything to ‘shock’ their parents. I’ll call them ‘trends’, but where they’ll do whatever the latest trend is, just to upset their parents. These kids see how upset Christian adults get about the homosexual agenda taking place in America, so they jump into this trend without thinking of the consequences of when they have outgrown their rebellious stage. So for all these transitioning back ‘celebrations’, many don’t consider the children that don’t survive. What we need to celebrate is putting an end to the homosexual agenda in America. Up until 1973, homosexualality was concidered for what it truly is, a mental disorder”.