Knights Party Press Release: Mar. 18. 2022

It’s not reported much, but stories like this one, recently published by the Christian Broadcasting Network, “CA Mom Says State Pushed Teen Daughter into Transgender TreatmentsLeading Her to Commit Suicide“, happen more often than you may realize.

One California mother is speaking out against her state’s public school system, accusing it of brainwashing children about gender ideology. She wants to shed some light on the devastating effect it can have on their lives.

During a recent panel discussion hosted by the Heritage Foundation, Abigail Martinez shared, for the first time, the tragic story about her 16-year-old daughter whose struggle with gender identity led her to take her own life.

Speaking from the centrally located National Office of the Knights Party of the Ku Klux Klan, in Harrison, Arkansas, National Director Thomas Robb, spoke out saying, “I just spoke about this on Wednesday, and this article is what I was talking about. While some sodomites are celebrating their detransition, we have America’s children dying. God strickly forbids any form of homosexualy. No matter how the mainstream sugarcoats it with fancy names, such as, ‘transgender’, bi-sexual’, ci-gender’, it’s all the same thing, it’s ‘homosexuality’. All throughout the Bible, God’s chosen people, the Israelites, which is the White race, rebelled against God. And for rebellion, there was punishment. This article may well be proof of just such punishment. I realize this wasn’t a White child, but God’s laws are to be followed by every race. If they were, the White race would be more respected and appreciated for all we do for all the other races. Just maybe, we wouldn’t be called racists, and instead, we’d be recognized as the supreme beings that we truly are.”