Knights Party Press Release: Mar. 14. 2022

Talk about hypocritical, this headline comes from The Blaze, and was published Friday, March 11th, “Texas judge blocks governor’s order to investigate ‘sex-change’ procedures for trans youth as child abuse“.

A judge in Texas temporarily blocked an order from Gov. Greg Abbott (R) to investigate parents obtaining “sex-change” procedures for their transgender children as incidents of child abuse.

Abbott issued the order in a letter to the Department of Family and Protective Services in February.

“Texas law imposes reporting requirements upon all licensed professionals who have direct contact with children who may be subject to such abuse, including doctors, nurses, and teachers, and provides criminal penalties for failure to report such child abuse,” Abbott wrote in the letter.

Thomas Robb, the National Director of the Knights Party of the Ku Klux Klan, centrally based in Harrison, Arkansas, spoke about this saying, “I don’t understand how in America, child mutilation is accepted by anyone. Some of these same people that support child mutilation here in America, don’t support female gender mutilation in countries like Africa, the Middle East, Asia, and others. 4 million young girls worldwide go through mutilation of their genitals, commonly called female circumcision, yearly. Somalia has the highest rate at 98% of their women going through this as young children. This is done as a non-medical reason, and is considered harmful. The process involves removing partial, or in some cases, total removal of their outside genitalia. I know this is is graphic, but it’s a horrible culture happening in countries throughout the world. Some Americans consider this horrific as well, yet support the same thing happening in America, all in the name of gender-bending. Trying to change ones sex here in America is also a non-medical procedure, and just as harmful. This is just what Governor Greg Abbott calls it. It’s child abuse!”