Knights Party Press Release: May 4. 2022

The lies that these homosexuals won’t tell! “‘An utter lie’: Rachel Levine slammed for saying ALL pediatricians agree on ‘gender-affirming care'”, was a headline published on Monday, May 2nd, by news outlet

Assistant Secretary of Health Rachel Levine is under fire for claiming that “there is no argument” about “gender-affirming care” among pediatricians and doctors who specialize in adolescents. Last year, Levine became the very first openly transgender four-star officer in America’s eight uniformed services. The 63-year-old was sworn in as an admiral in the US Public Health Service Commissioned Corps by Surgeon General Vivek Murthy, confirmed the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).

The remarks were made during a recent interview with NPR. Levine made the comments ahead of a speech at Texas Christian University, in which Levine blamed the high rate of suicidal ideation among transgender-identifying youth in part on “harassment, scapegoating and intentional abuse.” “The language of medicine and science is being used to drive people to suicide,” Levine claimed.

National Director of the Knights Party of the Ku Klux Klan, Thomas Robb, spoke from his National Office, which is centrally located in Harrison, Arkansas saying, “This is an example of how the LGBTQ+ community tries to make it appear that the homosexual movement in America is this large percentage of American people. It is not. Here we have this sodomite, who’s real name is Richard, saying that all doctors approve of sexually mutilating and twisting the minds of our youth. We know this is false, but because the Biden administration promotes the LGBTQ+ agenda, and this he/she ( I think these are the proper pronouns?) Richard Levine works for the Biden Administration, they thought they could pass this off without anyone noticing. It didn’t work, and there is your proof that in America, there are more people against the LGBTQ+ agenda, than support it. What needs to happen though, the people that are against it, need to stand up against it. We need to stop tolerating this behavior, and this misinformation from being spread in our White, Christian country”.