Knights Party Press Release: July 15. 2022

Here’s a refreshing article published Wednesday, July 13th, from The Daily Wire, headlined, “Texas Company Offers Employees $7,500 To Choose Adoption Over Abortion, CEO Says It’s Good For Business.”

Peter Rex is the founder and CEO of Rex, a tech company oriented toward the real estate industry. He argues that businesses should invest in adoption for their best interests. Rex slams big companies that brag about offering abortion tourism, which means paying for their employees to travel to other states to get abortions if the procedure becomes illegal in their home state.

“These businesses are ignoring the possibility that many employees may simply need a little more help to carry their baby to term. Instead of blindly paying people to end an unborn child’s life, companies should consider paying them to welcome that life into the world,” the tech company CEO argues.

The National Director of the Knights Party of the Ku Klux Klan, based in Harrison, Arkansas, Thomas Robb said, “Here’s a perfect example of an American business owner, that upholds the beliefs and morals upon which America was founded. Now I don’t know Mr. Rex personally, nor do I know his religious beliefs, but I do know this much, Mr. Rex values life. He must know that murder is a sin, and that children are a gift from God. And if he isn’t a Christian, he at least knows within his heart that murdering children is wrong. Either way, this man will be credited with saving a child’s life. Who knows, maybe many. God bless you for your efforts Mr. Rex.”