Knights Party Press Release: July 20. 2022

Thank God this guy didn’t turn in his firearms, his just saved lives. This article was published by The Blaze on Monday, July 18th, “Armed citizen thwarts shooter who opened fire inside crowded mall food court: ‘Quick action and heroism”.

Police say an armed “good Samaritan” stepped in and stopped an active shooter who terrorized an Indiana mall south of Indianapolis on Sunday.

What happened?
Law enforcement said a man entered the Greenwood Park Mall early Sunday evening armed with a rifle and several magazines of ammunition. He then walked to the food court and opened fire.

The perpetrator shot five people, killing three and wounding two.

However, a quick-thinking 22-year-old man prevented even more loss of life when he pulled his own firearm and immediately shot down the perpetrator. Officials praised the man, who was identified only by his age and where he lived.

“The real hero of the day was the citizen that was lawfully carrying a firearm who was able to stop the shooter almost as soon as he began,” Greenwood police Chief Jim Ison said.

“We do know that someone we are calling the ‘Good Samaritan’ was able to shoot the assailant and stop further bloodshed. This person saved lives tonight,” said Greenwood Mayor Mark Myers. “On behalf of the city of Greenwood, I am grateful for his quick action and heroism in this situation.”

National Director of the Knights Party of the Ku Klux Klan, based in Harrison, Arkansas, Thomas Robb, spoke out saying, “I recently read an article about a town in the United States that had a gun buy back program in which 150 citizens sold their guns back to the government for $100 each. Even BB guns brought $10! Imagine disarming yourself in these troubled times! I’m usually armed when I leave my home to go anywhere, and you know what? Not once has my legally registered firearm pulled itself on fellow customers at the grocery store. It’s never held up the bank when I go in to tend to my business, and at home? I sleep with my firearm fully loaded on my bedstand. Not once, when I awoke to use the restroom in the middle night, was my firearm out robbing people. Nope, it’s always right where I put it, to protect myself and my family should the need ever arise to do so. This article is a perfect example to the fact that an armed society is a safe society. Firearms don’t kill anyone, the person pulling the trigger kills. So if you’re a law-abiding citizen, and you own firearms, why in the world would you surrender them? One better, being a law-abiding citizen, why would anyone even ask you to surrender them?