Knights Party Press Release: Nov. 14. 2022

According to this article from Breitbart News, published Saturday, November 12th., headlined, “Pro-Transgender Propaganda Film for Children Sponsored by Pharmaceutical Company that Creates Feminizing Drug“, it seems Bayer Pharmaceutical supports child pornography.

A pro-transgender propaganda film for children called Mama has a Mustache was sponsored by Bayer, a pharmaceutical company that produces drugs that are used to feminize men who identify as transgender.

Mama has a Mustache is all about normalizing transgenderism, particularly in the minds of one group of people: young children.

The film’s website bears the phrase “Kids talk gender,” directly above the trailer, which starts with a child being asked “Can you be a girl and have a boy body, or be a boy and have a girl body?” A young child answers “yes, that’s transgender.”

“I feel like I’m not really a boy or a girl,” one child says in the trailer.

The Knights Party of the Ku Klux Klan’s National Director, Thomas Robb, spoke from his centrally located National Office in Harrison, Arkansas saying, “This goes to show you just how far Big Pharma will go to make a buck. Exploiting young children with a sexually explict movie. And you think these companies have our best interest in mind when they push these drugs onto American citizens? They don’t even care about the lives of young children! These children involved in promoting these sexually deviant acts are being coached. Why is it when I was young, and many of you, we never had classmates that were sexually confused. We knew what we were just by looking down the front of our pants. We didn’t question our sexuality at all. This is how far out of touch from God America has become.”