Knights Party Press Release: Nov. 18. 2022

Arkansas aims to protect their children from homosexual ideologies! “Arkansas AG: New Law Banning Gender Transitions for Minors Will Protect Kids“, was a headline from NewsMax on Wednesday, November 16th.

Republican Arkansas Attorney General and Lieutenant Governor-elect Leslie Rutledge defended a ban on gender transition surgeries for minors, saying that it is meant to protect children.

Speaking to Fox News’ John Roberts, Rutledge said that “we’re only wanting to protect the children in the state of Arkansas, again, from making a life-altering, permanent decision such as changing their gender.

“This is a law that we passed in order to protect children, this is to protect minors,” Rutledge added.

Arkansas resident, and National Director of the Knights Party of the Ku Klux Klan, based in Harrison, Arkansas, Thomas Robb said, “Not just here in Arkansas, but children throughout America need protection from these homosexual deviants. Our government, and their puppets, the Mainstream Media make it sound like homosexuality is the ‘in’ thing to do, but the truth is, they are a very minute percentage of our population. They attack children, because they’re vunerable. This is a ‘fad’ that seems to wearing itself out more and more each day. America is a White, Christian country, and White, Christian America is fed up with this sexually immoral agenda trying to take root in America.”