Knights Party Press Release: Nov. 25. 2022

Out with God, in with Satan! While you sat idly by, the Devil took advantage. Red State, on Wednesday, November 23rd., published this ungodly headline, “California First Graders Get an ‘Afrter School Satan Club’.”

Did you belong to any school clubs when you were young? If so, you likely missed out on one available to kids in California.

Tehachapi’s Golden Hills Elementary has permitted a hot new league to launch following normal school hours, and the devil’s in the details. According to Bakersfield Now, the first-through-fifth-grade academy will introduce an After School Satan Club.

The endeavor comes courtesy of the Satanic Temple and the Reason Alliance, which — per its website — “promotes religious pluralism, fights for reproductive rights, protects children from abuse at school, and defends the unfairly and unjustly marginalized.”

Thomas Robb, the National Director of the Knights Party of the Ku Klux Klan, centrally based in Harrison, Arkansas spoke from his National Office saying, “If I would have told you years ago, when prayer was taken out of public schools, that this move would usher in the satanic rebellion within America’s school systems, you would have called me an old fool, and would not have listened to me. Well, that’s exactly what happened. I did tell you many years ago, and I was called a fool, and apparently my voice fell on deaf ears. Would you have listened, and stood against prayer being taken out of schools, we wouldn’t be where we are today. Because of the non-action of many, today’s children are facing Satan himself, and Satan knows these young children are vunerable, that’s what he wants. It was Satan working through these homosexuals trying to intice our children into sexual immorality. Non-action has destroyed many civilizations. Because many didn’t stand against the homosexual agenda taking place in America, it emboldened Satan. It emboldened him enough that he no longer has to hide. We, as God’s chosen, the White race, have turned our backs to God. In doing so, we have invited Satan into our Christian land, and he has taken us up on that invitation. Until we, God’s chosen, the White Race, repent for turning our backs on God in our White, Christian nation, He will continue to allow Satan to come closer to us. Many didn’t heed my words years ago, I pray the same doesn’t happen again. Look around, we are running out of time. Evil is all around us.”