Knights Party Press Release: Nov. 28. 2022

White, Christian Americans bow our heads in prayer often. Now we also bow them in shame. This article from, headlined, “‘Stay away from White women’: Video shows White man hurling racist comments at Black U.S. soldier“, was published on November 23. 2022.

A video of a White man hurling homophobic and racist comments at four American soldiers has gone viral on social media. The disturbing video was posted online on Wednesday, November 23. It shows the moment when four guys in army uniforms bearing the American flag maintain their composure despite the execrable man hurling the fetid comments at them inside a Polish shopping center.

The person filming the group inquires about their intentions, including whether they were in Poland to promote “George Floyd culture” and whether they agreed that the US health secretary was a “f*****g t****y.” Following that, he verbally abuses the black soldier in the group, telling him to “stay away from those white women” and reminding him that “miscegenation used to be a crime in your country.” The man behind the camera says, “You’re in a white country now, we don’t worship n*****s and Mexicans.” More than a million people saw the awful footage, which rapidly drew outrage on social media.

The National Director of the Knights Party of the Ku Klux Klan, centrally based in Harrison, Arkansas, Thomas Robb said, “This is made to try to make this gentleman look bad. Now, I don’t condone some of the language he used to get his message across, but every single thing he said is true. We have created a ‘George Floyd’ culture, we are expected to worship these non-white invaders coming into our country, we do have homosexuals in our government, our military was weakened by allowing homosexuals to enlist, and miscegenation was illegal in America until 1967. When you pull apart everything this gentleman said, and realize it’s true, it doesn’t outrage me what he said at all. If anything, it makes me feel shame for what we, White, Christian Americans have left our White, Christian land to become. And our White European brothers and sisters see it as well.”