Knights Party Press Release: March 29. 2023

Last week, Breitbart News ran this headline, “‘I Have Felt Humiliated’: Female Cyclists Starting to Speak Out in Outrage as More Men Win Races.”

The sport of women’s cycling seems to have been undergoing a concerted assault by transgender competitors, but natural-born female cyclists are finally speaking out in outrage as biological men rack up one win after another in the sport.

Recently, 35-time champion Hannah Arensman announced that she is quitting her sport after watching as one male-born cyclist wins one women’s title after another. Arensman revealed her retirement in a court filing in support of West Virginia’s Save Women’s Sports law, which bars transgender athletes from choosing their own gender categories in the state’s schools.

Now, another female competitive cycler is speaking out and took to Fox News to decry how “discouraging and disheartening” it is that so many trans women are beating women in her sport.

Appearing on Fox & Friends First, cycler Holly Lavesser said she has also thought of quitting the sport after being “forced to compete in unfair competitions.”

Lavesser’s comments came days after a trans cyclist won the women’s category in the Randall’s Island Crit in New York City just last weekend.

National Director of the Knights Party of the Ku Klux Klan, based out of Harrison, Arkansas, Thomas Robb said, “We’re seeing more and more of these homosexual men entering biological women’s sports. Do you realize how degrading this is to these women? Women are being stripped of their womanhood. We’re told men can have babies, men can breatfeed, etc. Every facet of womanhood has been taken from them. Many women today don’t know what their roles are as women because they’re told men can do anything they can. The idea that a lesbian woman can become a man, then we’re told this woman is no longer a woman, but a man who can have babies is just as ridiculus as saying a homosexual man can become a woman, just because he puts a dress on! Not too many decades ago there was a name for men who dresses as women, they were called transvestites. And everyone ridiculed and mocked these men, they were also called homosexual men for their bizarre behavior. It was called a mental illness. Today, the name has been changed to ‘transexual’, and it’s being widely accepted. I’m here to tell you, decades ago this behavior was recognized as a mental illess, and today it is still a mental illness, and the Bible clearly states that it is a sin as well.”