Knights Party Press Release: May 10. 2023

Who knew, vegetables make you queer. Recently, Fox News published this headline, ‘Woman says she knew her biological daughter was meant to be trans because her ‘food choices were odd’.

A woman who testified against a Louisiana bill that would ban sex change surgeries for minors in the state said she saw that her biological daughter’s “odd” food choices indicated a transgender identity.

“We couldn’t figure out what the problem was. We took him to specialists and neurologists, and he had brain scans trying to figure out why he couldn’t sleep,” the mother told lawmakers of her child, who now identifies as a transgender boy. “As he grew, he got to sleeping. But his food choices were odd. They were always like green vegetables, raw green vegetables, which, if you know kids, most kids don’t like to eat those things.”

“Once we figured out that he was transgender, when he came to us and told us that he was transgender, we went back and realized that the pattern of everything he had experienced as a child — including eating green vegetables, because that boosts testosterone — were just methods of his body trying to become who he was meant to be,” she added. “His brain does not match his physiology.”

The National Director of the Knights Party of the Ku Klux Klan, centrally based in Harrison, Arkansas, Thomas Robb, spoke from his office saying, “This is a perfect example of the lunacy within the LGBTQP+ community, which doesn’t need all of these labels because they all fall under one category. Homosexuals. Up until 1972 homosexuality was considered a mental illness, and here, we see this to be true today. This childs mother is insane, not just mentally ill, to suggest that green vegetables was a clue that her child was showing signs of homosexuality. Children do not at a young age have feelings of homosexuality. It is instilled by mentally ill adults. Young impressional children believe what adults tell them because by nature, they look up to adults to protect them, and steer them in the right direction. It’s not the childs fault at all, its the mentally ill parents, friends, relatives, drag queens, etc. that teach them that homosexuality is a normal thing. There is a mental illness called Munchausen syndrome in which a parent or parents make their children feel sick, or even sometimes actually make their children sick, just to take them to doctors and hospitals. This is well known as a mental illness. So when you have adults telling children that they can become the opposite sex by taking hormones and having sexual mutilation surgeries, this is no different than Munchausen syndrome. Both are serious mental illnesses. This mentally ill mother went as far as taking her child to specialists, neurologists, and sleep specialists, and had multiple tests done to come to the conclusion that green vegetables made her child a confused homosexual. Not only is this mother mentally ill, but she is a danger to her own child, and any other child she comes into contact with.”