Knights Party Press Release: May 12. 2023

This no brainer was published on Wednesday May 10th., from The Blaze, “State legislatures should convene special sessions to repel border invasion, bar education for illegal aliens.”

House Republicans might not have the votes to get their immigration enforcement bill (HR 2) signed into law, but the red states absolutely have the votes to choke off illegal immigration. Although much of the focus is on the border itself, these illegal aliens don’t remain at the border. The problem is most acute in individual communities within the states, particularly in the education system. Therefore, the solution to deterring it at this point in history lies primarily with the states.

Yesterday, I called on all GOP governors to gather in Texas and contribute resources to help repel the invasion. But perhaps an even less costly and more effective solution is for state governments to simply suggest that those rushing over the border this week cannot resettle in their states. No jobs, no identity, no benefits, no health care, and no schooling. Our doors are completely closed.

Most state legislatures are either out of session or are past the time for introducing new legislation and are about to adjourn. They should immediately convene special sessions to warn the world that their respective states are closed for business. If Republicans are really committed to ending this problem rather than just using it as a talking point against Biden as our communities burn, they would implement the following:

* Absolutely no jobs for illegal aliens.
* Strict penalties for anyone caught stealing identities or being an accomplice to identity theft.
* Severe penalties on fentanyl traffickers.
* Long prison sentences for those caught knowingly transporting illegal aliens into the state.
* Fund removal operations to make DeSantis’ Martha’s Vineyard flight the standard for red-state removals.
* Ban all sanctuary cities within the states.
* Create trespassing laws targeting illegal aliens as felons.

National Director of the Knights Party of the Ku Klux Klans, based in Harrison, Arkansas, with members throughout the United States, Thomas Robb said, “This invasion is nothing new, as we’ve seen this unprecedented influx of illegals since Biden took office, and the Red States didn’t take action then, so why would they now? Sure, a few places shipped the illegals to other places within the United States, but the fact remains that they should never have gained entry to begin with. I warned of this happening, and now the day is here. This expected larger invasion, along with the invasion that’s been already going on, is shifting the demographics of America. Between 1920 and 1950, America was 90% White. Today, the number people that stand as White only is 61.7%. You do the math. Remember, White replacement equals White Genicide.”