Knights Party Press Release: Sept. 25. 2023

Oh Nooooo! It’s the end of the world! Don’t panic, it isn’t, it’s just another control tactic. This headline, “Disease X on the way and experts fear it will kill more people than Covid pandemic“, was published by Mirroe Online, on Saturday, September 23rd.

Kate Bingham, who chaired the UK’s Vaccine Taskforce at the beginning of the last pandemic warns the death toll from Disease X could far outweigh Covid-19’s 20 million fatalities

Global health experts believe the next major pandemic is already on its way – and it could kill millions more than Covid-19. The arrival of Disease X – as it has been dubbed by the World Health Organisation (WHO) – is a probability rather than possibility and could hit at any moment.

WHO believes vaccines will need to be created and delivered in a rapid response to combat the disease, but as with the previous pandemic, there is no guarantee this will happen. It adds that its devastating effects are likely to far outweigh that of Covid, which the world was dangerously unprepared for when it hit in early 2020. Kate Bingham, who chaired the UK’s Vaccine Taskforce between May and December that year says we shouldn’t be complacent just because Covid-19 is now “largely regarded as a routine illness”.

The 57-year old Dame warned in the Mail: “Let me put it this way: the 1918–19 flu pandemic killed at least 50 million people worldwide, twice as many as were killed in World War I. Today, we could expect a similar death toll from one of the many viruses that already exist. Today, there are more viruses busily replicating and mutating than all the other life forms on our planet combined. Not all of them pose a threat to humans, of course – but plenty do.

Thomas Robb, the National Director of the Knights Party of the Ku Klx Klan, centrally based in Harrison, Arkansas said, “Panic, Panic, Panic, so many people in America today are too terrified to walk outside. They live in constant fear everyday over what great horror may rear its ugly head next. From climate change, to little green men flying around, to even a bigfoot sighting or two. Fear is the best way to control people. Look at communist countries. Our government is starting to grab at straws with ways to inflict fear upon our citizenry. As if this new COVID strain fearmongering wasn’t enough, the leftist are thinking in advance now what fear to spread next. ‘X’, that just sounds scary doesn’t it? Kind of like how the local weather stations used to put sunshine smily faces on the weather map to indicate hot weather. That was too bright and cheerful, now it’s this ominus deep red color used to indicate hot weather. That was done to make you think the Earth was melting! In my opinion, it’s not time to run to your underground bunkers. Not
YET anyhow”.