Knights Party Press Release: Sept. 27. 2023

Same old song and dance. The New York Post, on Monday, September 25th., published this headline, “Migrant children pictured howling in pain as they crawl through razor wire to reach US“.

Gut-wrenching images taken by The Post show migrant toddlers crawling through razor wire to reach Eagle Pass, Texas, howling in pain as spikes from the wire stick into their flesh.

The photos capture the sheer desperation of the humanitarian crisis playing out on the border, with families and even a double amputee crawling through the sharp coils of wire to get a shot at claiming asylum in the US.

Migrants barely out of diapers are being dumped at the border by heartless cartels, which are using them as decoys to tie up border agents so cartel members can shift drugs and gangsters over more remote areas of the border.

Around 11,000 migrants crossed into the US across the Mexico border from Sunday to Monday, making it the “single highest day in recent memory,” according to Fox News.

Texas towns including Eagle Pass and El Paso have been flooded with thousands of people seeking refuge over the last week — pushing authorities to a breaking point.

Around 11,000 migrants crossed into the US across the Mexico border from Sunday to Monday.
Migrants near Eagle Pass waded through the dangerous waters of the Rio Grande — the international boundary — before getting stuck at the bottom of the riverbank for hours, unable to make their way into the US due to the concertina wire.

“Many bleeding hearts fall prey to such stories as these because articles like this are only published to tug on ones heartstrings”, said Thomas Robb, the National Director of the Knights Party of the Ku Klux Klan, based out of Harrison, Arkansas.. “This is sad, but sad for a different reason. These non-white invaders coming across our border are altering the future of America’s White children. Everyone sees and reads about these adult invaders, how they are attacking Border Patrol agents to get in illegally.Once in, these violent actions turn towards America’s citizens. Our children will be lured into lives of corruption because they’ll see what these invaders do, and think it’s normal behavior. For example, and this is just a small example of how non-whites corrupt our children. How many of you have seen White kids running around with their pants below their behinds, or driving around with rap music blaring from car speakers glorifying things such as rape, drug dealing, and murder. The black culture has affected White children negatively. Now that we’re seeing what these cartels and other non-whites coming across the border are all about, they make the blacks in America look like model citizens! So when the Mainstream Media tries telling you these are a peaceful people coming here to better their lives, they really are coming to better theirs, but at the expense of our own, and America’s children. That’s the sad part”.