Knights Party Press Release: Sept. 29. 2023

A Democrat that makes sense? Maybe. The New York Post on Wednesday, September 27th., ran with this headline, “San Francisco mayor proposes enforced drug teststreatment for welfare recipients“.

Embattled San Francisco Mayor London Breed is proposing new legislation requiring low-income residents to undergo substance abuse screening and treatment in order to receive welfare.

“We need to make a significant change,” Breed said at a news conference Tuesday.

“No more ‘anything goes’ without accountability, no more handouts without accountability,” she added.

Under Breed’s proposal, individuals with a suspected drug problem would be required to participate in substance abuse screenings or treatment programs funded by the San Francisco Human Services Agency, according to FOX News.

Treatments would include a range of interventions, including residential treatment, medically assisted treatment, outpatient options and abstinence-based treatments to be decided based on the needs of the individual.

Those who refuse such treatments, or do not successfully engage in them, would not be eligible to receive funds through the County Adult Assistance Program, and their application for the welfare program would either be denied or their cash assistance would be discontinued.

“I can’t believe a Democrat came up with a good idea”, said Thomas Robb, the National Director of the Knights Party of the Ku Klux Klan, centrally based in Harrison, Arkansas. “I have said this same thing for many years now, and it is one of the goals of the Knights Party to see laws made to keep habitual and generational people from abusing the system. There are alot of blacks, and black families that have fed off the system for generations. Now of course White people abuse the system too, but not to the extent of non-whites in America. The idea that the more non-white babies that black and other non-white mothers ‘pop’ out, the more welfare they receive is ridiculous. Many of the non-whites that receive welfare receive it because they can’t work because of drug addiction, and maybe if handouts weren’t being passed out left and right it may be incentive enough for some to kick their habits and become productive citizens. Government housing was originally built to accomodate families working minimum wage jobs that couldn’t afford decent housing, but you would never guess that today. Government housing was taken over by blacks, and other non-whites and made into ‘trap’ houses for dealing drugs. These non-whites make thousands of dollars a month and more in drug sales, and because that money isn’t accounted for, they live in goverment housing for pennies on the dollar. It’s past time to clean up our welfare system. Do you like seeing your tax dollars spent on welfare bums? I know I don’t”.