Knights Party Press Release: Oct. 2. 2023

Anarchy! On Thursday, September 28th., The Daily Caller published this headline, “‘Extremely Dangerous’: Former Police Commander Blasts ‘Arrogance’ Of Lotters Who Have ‘No Fear Of Reprisal’.”

Gerlicher stated that the courts and prosecution should take a “hard line” against the looters. He said he agreed with the Philadelphia police commissioner’s assessment that the looting had “nothing to do with” protests and that the participants were “opportunistic criminals.”

He blasted the “sense of arrogance” and “no fear of reprisal” apparent in the looters. He acknowledged that looting is an “extremely dangerous” situation for officers to respond to and how “frustrating” it is for the public.

“You’re dealing with often times dozens or hundreds of people, at multiple different locations, usually throughout the city that are doing this. And, unless the police are right there on the spot to prevent theft from happening, once they go in, they’re very quick. They’re hitting these stores. They’re grabbing the merchandise. They’re getting out of there as quickly as they can,” Gerlicher said.

Ekpunobi said that she sees similar crimes in Los Angeles and that people “do whatever they want” as a result of “no accountability.” She said that the citizens of Los Angeles are worried about their personal safety and being robbed amid spiking crime rates. She said that Democratic California Gov. Gavin Newsom needs to “put that at the forefront of his brain.”

“This is what happens when the hands of law enforcement are tied”, said Thomas Robb, the National Director of the Knights Party of the Ku Klux Klan, centrally based in Harrison, Arkansas. “Non-White crime has always been a problem in America, but after the arrest and conviction of an innocent police officer (Derick Chauvin), who was simply using a technique he was taught in the police academy to subdue an erractic suspect, black crime has been escalating out of control. When Derick Chauvin was wrongly found guilty, all it did was show the criminal blacks in America that they could get away literally with murder. Then of course, next was the brainstorm of the Leftists to defund the police. Many departments ended up having to close. Those that didn’t close, many of the officers saw what happened to Mr. Chauvin, and out of fear of imprisonment for doing their job, many quit or retired. Recruitment for officers is on the decline, and can you blame anyone for not wanting to be a police officer in America? Absolutely not. What needs done is to draw a line in the sand. We need to say enough, and we need to start punishing ALL criminals equally. The blacks should love this idea. After all, don’t they cry for equality? I know some will say I’m racist for this comment, and of course, there are plenty of White criminals too, but the facts are this, 13% of America is black. Blacks cause over half of our crimes, so you do the math.”