Knights Party Press Release: Nov. 6. 2023

Some people confuse love for hate, hence this headline, “White Christians Are More Likely To Deny Racism Exists“, published on Friday, November 3rd., by Black Information Network.

White Christians are more likely to deny that racism exists, according to a new survey.

The survey, which was conducted by the Pew Research Center in April, asked Americans to answer the following question about race relations: “Which issue poses a more significant challenge to the country regarding race – the tendency to overlook racism when it’s present or the inclination to perceive racism where it doesn’t exist?”

53 percent of Americans said the issue is people denying discrimination when it’s present while roughly 45 percent said the bigger concern is individuals saying racism exists in situations where it doesn’t.

According to the data, white Christians were more inclined to believe that individuals are perceiving non-existent racism. 72 percent of white Evangelicals, 60 percent of white Catholics, and 54 percent of white Protestants said seeing discrimination where it doesn’t exist is the more significant challenge to the county regarding race.

Baylor University sociology professor George Yancey commented on the disparity among white Christians.

“I don’t think Christians are the source of polarization. But I do think we have not fought against it,” Yancey said. “We have accepted it and put it into our ministries rather than trying to show concern and care for people who disagree with us.”

Pastor Thomas Robb, the Pastor of the Christian Revival Center, and National Director of the Knights Party of the Ku Klux Klan, both centered in Harrison, Arkansas, spoke from the Christian Revival Center over the weekend, “The Bible is a book about race. From Genesis to Revelations. The constant theme is God’s chosen people, the Israelites. Many think these people are the Jews of today, but that’s not what is proven. It has been proven that the Israelites were indeed White. You heard me correctly, the Israelites spoken of in the Bible were White, which makes them our White ancestors. With this knowledge, I guess you could say that true White Christians don’t see any racism in our beliefs whatsoever. We simply love our God, and we love our people. Do we favor our own people more? Of course we do. God commanded us to love and care for our White brothers and sisters. After all, we are God’s chosen. He separated us from all other races to be His people. I find it ironic that Black Information Network would attack White Christianity.They do this out of jealously. Our enemies twist the truth and call a love for our people hate. They wish us to denounce our position with God, and turn our backs on Him. Remember, Satan is the father of lies”.