Knights Party Press Release: Nov. 10. 2023

Since when is protecting our border dehumanizing? On Monday, November 6th., Public News Service ran this headline, “Civil rights groups call Texas’ proposed laws, razor wire dehumanizing.”

The American Civil Liberties Union of Texas is opposed to Senate Bill 11, which would make it a state crime for illegally entering Texas from Mexico, and authorize state police to arrest violators.

It’s similar to legislation that failed to pass in an earlier session this year.

ACLU Senior Staff Attorney David Donatti said, “Texas should treat immigration like the human right that it is and create a humane, fair and welcoming process – instead of dehumanizing narratives.”

Earlier this year Texas began deploying chains of specially designed buoys down the middle of the Rio Grande River to deter migrants from crossing illegally.

Another deterrent used is “concertina” or razor wire – which Donatti said he’s witnessed.

“I’ve been on the border and I have seen the concertina wire, and I’ve not only seen the concertina wire I’ve seen families separated by the concertina wire,” said Donatti. “And it really defies all common sense – and it defies all humanity.”

Last week a judge ordered federal border patrol agents not to interfere with razor wire that Texas has installed. A second hearing in the case is scheduled for this week.

“This isn’t immigration, it is an invasion”, said Thomas Robb, the National Director of the Knights Party of the Ku Klux Klan, centrally based in Harrison, Arkansas. “There’s a big difference between immigration and an invasion. America hasn’t had immigration since we stopped allowing only White Europeans into our country. White Europeans came here to better not only their lives, but to better America as a whole. White Europeans built America. Today, what we’re seeing being called immigration, is actually a non-white invasion. Non-Whites do come here to better their lives, but it’s at the cost of White working citizens. These non-whites aren’t coming to build, they are in fact here to destroy. Look what their doing to the hotels they’ve been given refuge in, the crimes their already committing, and many have just gotten here! There’s is nothing inhumane with protecting our borders by any means necessary to protect American citizens. If these invaders get cut by razor wire, or drown in the Rio Grande because of the floating wall, guess what? If you’re dumb enough to try to go through razor wire, or stupid enough to swim to a floating border wall, you get what you deserve. Stupid games win stupid prizes.”