Knights Party Press Release: Feb. 23. 2024

Go figure, The Atlantic Black Star on Sunday, February 18th., ran this headline, “More Than 50 Cases Tied to Former California Cop Who Was Exposed For Sending Racist Text Messages Could Be Dismissed, Officials Say.”

More than 50 cases tied to the former California cop who was exposed for sending racist text messages could potentially be thrown out, officials say.

Santa Clara District Attorney Jeff Rosen has been looking into the cases that Mark McNamara was involved in, NBC Bay Area reported. Last year, it was revealed that McNamara sent text messages using the N-word and saying, “I hate Black people.”

They were sent after the shooting of K’aun Green, a community college football player McNamara wounded at a Mexican restaurant in March 2022. Other messages that came to light showed McNamara repeatedly using the racial slur to refer to Green’s lawyer, Adanté Pointe.

“The other day this n— lawyer is like Mr. McNamara, you know we can still find you guilty of excessive force right? I’m like, hmmm yeah then (what) happens?? … Think I give a f— what y’all n— think?!???? I’ll shoot you too!!!!!” he wrote.

McNamara resigned from the San Jose Police Department and lost his certification in November amid the ongoing backlash. Chief Anthony Mata stood firm on the decision as part of his commitment to “anti-racism culture.”

” I find it strange that The Atlantic Black Star would be upset because a ‘racist’ police officer may have some charges dropped”, said Thomas Robb, the National Director of the Knights Party of the Ku Klux Klan, centrally based in Harrison, Arkansas. “Back in 2020, blacks were let off the hook for causing millions of dollars in damages to cities across America. Not only let off the hook, but were paid millions in payouts afterwards. Here we have a police officer that spends his time in the streets dealing with crime. Statistics show that blacks commit 60% of America’s crime, so naturally, they deal with blacks alot. This police officer said, or texted a couple of texts that blacks considered racist. Why they found it racist I don’t know, as blacks use the very same word as terms of endearment among themselves. Regardless, this officer has freedoms to not like any person or race he pleases. Epecially when he deals with a race that commits 60% of our crime. Are you happy with the 13% of our population that commit 60% of our crime? Are you happy about a race that got away with the destruction of our cities? Our neighborhoods? Our stores? Are you happy to see the leiniecy given to blacks for their crimes, just because on average they’re mentally unstable? Are you happy to see your White children dumbed down in public schools just to make the black students look more intelligent? There are many reasons that some folks don’t take to kindly to the blacks in America, but we all should have the right to express how we feel, as long as threats to life aren’t involved. Do you get mad when blacks refer to you a ‘cracker’, ‘honky’, and the new racial slur towards White women by calling them ‘karens’ because they aren’t happy with what they see? Of course we’re not. Why? Because the shoe doesn’t fit.”