Knights Party Press Release: Feb. 19. 2024

Far-left Media source, The Daily Beast is suggesting only certain people have rights, with this article published on Saturday, February 17th., headlined, “Neo-Nazis March Through Downtown Nashville in the Middle of Black History Month.”

About two dozen neo-Nazis marched through Nashville, Tennessee on Saturday, chanting and wielding giant swastika flags while spewing hate at a man who trailed and recorded them, calling them cowards for disguising their identities with masks.

“What are you ashamed of?” the heckler, Ruwan Karu, shouted in an interaction that he shared on Twitter/X, adding, “Show me your fucking faces!”

“You don’t belong here,” one of the extremists replied. “Go to your third-world country!”

The white supremacists, dressed in red shirts and apparently part of the “Blood Tribe” fascist group, chose Black History Month to trek past a row of downtown restaurants and retail stores.

“Seeing Nazis rally in broad daylight on a lovely Saturday afternoon in downtown Nashville should make us all angry,” Karu told The Daily Beast. “Families enjoying chicken and BBQ were subject to hate our grandparents fought against.

“We need more people to let them know to their faces that they are in fact the minority,” he said.

“Maybe Ruwan Karu should study up on American history to see what our founding fathers fought for.”, said National Director of the Knights Party of the Ku Klux Klan, centrally based in Harrison, Arkansas Thomas Robb. “If America still stood behind what our forefathers intended, Ruwan Karu wouldn’t even have been given the privelege to live in America, let alone be a citizen of. When we see flaming homosexuals parading our streets with their gentials on display in front of children, we’re told ‘they have the right’. When black people burn down America’s cities as they did throughout the Summer of 2020, we we’re told ‘they have the right’, and when we see our public schools systems pushing diversity and multiculturalism, we again are told ‘they have the right’. Yet as soon as some Neo-Nazis are seen marching down the street for their beliefs, it’s a crime and everyone says how disgusting it is. We live in very sad times when naked men marching down the street in front of children is acceptable, but a few Neo-Nazis peacefully walking down these same streets is disgusting!”