Knights Party Press Release: July 1. 2024

Coming to a small town near you! The Daily Mail, on Thursday June 27. 2024 published this headline, “Massachusetts small town residents take to the streets in protest as first migrant families arrive at new shelter in a converted jail.”

The first of 400 migrants to be housed in a converted prison have been greeted by protesters unhappy they are moving into their small town.

Bay State Correctional Center in Norfolk, Massachusetts, closed in 2015 and has been repurposed as a migrant shelter.

The jail was a minimum-security facility and used dorm-style accommodation that doesn’t look like a traditional prison, and was heavily modified for the migrants.

Norfolk Select Board chairman Jim Lehan said 21 families, totaling about 70 people, moved in on Wednesday afternoon with more to come soon.

Locals are concerned both about migrant children being housed in a former jail, and of the town’s ability to cope with 400 new residents.

Concerned Citizens of Norfolk held a protest in the town center as the migrants arrived on Wednesday.

Others voiced their views at a town hall meeting on Tuesday night, where Lehan tried to answer questions but admitted there was much he didn’t know.

‘There is fear here, a lot of fear. I’m sure everybody in here has fear of this,’ Margaret Soderlund said.

Thomas Robb, the National Director of the Knights Party of the Ku Klux Klan, centrally based in Harrison, Arkansas, spoke from his office, “Small Town America was warned that sooner or later these invaders would be moving into rural areas, and we’re beginning to see it now. Unfortunately, many White people didn’t heed the warning, and now that these invaders are arriving, it’s too late to take action to stop them. Action needed to be taken when city councils, mayors, etc. said that they support and welcome these people. That’s when townspeople needed to use their voices against such actions. It would’ve been a lot easier to tell your elected officials that you won’t stand for 3rd world degenerates taking over your town, before they started arriving, not after. If enough of the townspeople would’ve voiced their concerns before their arrival, you can bet your elected officials would listen to your voices, because they’ll need your vote come next election. This is what happens when White people can’t stand together. There are those that don’t care what their fellow brothers and sisters are going through, as long as it isn’t affecting them personally. Non-action will be the demise of the White race. Once America is no longer a majority White population, we’re doomed. Don’t wait until that happens. Start now, be a leader, not a follower. Your life depends on it.”